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Foam Cutting Service
Foamworks offers a fully computerised CNC foam cutting service. Although we primarily cut expanded and extruded foams for the aeromodelling community, our equipment is capable of cutting all sorts of arbitary shapes such as packaging, signage, sheet stock and more.
We use a variety of software to design, process and cut to your requirements and can do as much or as little of the pre-production work for you as you like.

We use and reccommend the following software for model aircraft design:
Compufoil 3D -
Wing Designer by STEP-FOUR -

Benefits of Foam Wings

Foam wings are are an excellent choice for your next project. They are the easiest and quickest method of building, are lightweight and accurate. With foam wings you get the airfoil you want along the entire span of your wing where as traditional built up wings suffer from inaccuracies caused by the covering material stretching and sagging between the ribs. Also, foam wings are very easy to repair. Should you have an accident that destroys your wing, you can easily order a replacement and it's usually only a few days away.

Because we use a tamplate-less CNC process to cut your cores, they are supprisingly economical. What's more, if you are interested in design and prototyping, our system lets you refine you design and produce new wings with different airfoils quickly and easily.
We are also set up to handle production for large and small scale kit manufacturers. If you have a great design that you would like to share talk to us about kit production and volume pricing.

Check out our Gallery to see some great models built with Foamworks wing cores.
Foam Types  
Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
aka. White foam
This is the most common type of polystyrene and is used for the majority of the wings we cut. EPS is normally sheeted in balsa, ply or another thin wood veneer. White foam is inexpensive, light weight and available in several densities.
Densities available: 12, 16, 24 and 28 kg/m3
Extruded Polystyrene (XPS)
aka. Blue foam, Green foam, Styrofoam, Styrodur, Roofmate.
Although heavier and more expensive than EPS, extruded foams provide a cut surface that is very smooth and can be vacuum bagged onto with miniman preparation. We mostly stock and cut DOW styrofoam (blue). Sheets are 30, 40 or 50mm thick.
Density: approx 30 kg/m3
Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)
EPP is a expanded bead foam similar in appearance to EPS. The similarities stop there however! This great product is incredibly tough. Initially developed for the automotive and packaging industries, EPP provides some great benefits to the modelling world. Unlike EPS, you can bend, compress and twist EPP withour it tearing or crumbling. These properties enable tough 'bounceable' models to be built and many slope and electric models (including our own kits) are made from EPP. This foam is imported and therefore it is dearer than EPS - but the lifespan of an EPP model means it works out cheaper in the long run.
Densities available: 20 and 30 kg/m3


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